Highlights from recent events:
- Spatial Jam, March 9, Myelin Workshop
- Business opportunities in Spatial Computing, March 5, Startup Meetup


Here we stand, decades after Google search, the iPhone, and social networks have transformed how the human species goes about its daily life.

Several Matrix and Star Wars movies later, trillions of dollars have been invested in tech. We now live in a world with brain implants, quantum computers, cars flying to Mars, and human-like robots roaming our physical reality. All human knowledge has been digested by AI, and this beast can now see, hear, speak, code, think, and generate digital worlds with life-like objects and people.

A portal to a new reality has been discovered. Just put on the latest and greatest glasses, and in a matter of seconds you’ll be flying in space, meeting friends and aliens, becoming anyone, doing anything.

The same people who predicted previous revolutions are projecting that augmented reality (AR) will skyrocket from $25.33 billion in 2021 to over $340 billion by 2028 and create a paradigm shift in human interaction and perception.

Forget laptops. Even your shiny new phone doesn’t matter anymore. The digital world is about to blend with your physical reality.

Here at Myelin, we envision a world where AR is not just an occasional novelty but an integral part of daily life. We are on a mission to enrich the human experience. We will augment your world with pure value.

We are a collective of XR enthusiasts, with a rich background in technology, product design, and innovation. We’re looking to engage with like-minded individuals, investors, and potential partners who are as excited about the future of immersive and augmented future as we are.

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Let's join forces and shape the future together!

Davor, Mitja and the Myelin Research Group